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Welcome to EQ2 Gallery
EQ2 Gallery will one day be an extensive searchable database of armor appearances and guild cloak heraldry. You will be able to search for armor by name, type, and colors, and guild heraldry by guild name, server, imagery, and colors.

For now, the only really useful thing here is the Cloak Designer. :) Keep checking back often, though!

9 May 2010
It's been a very, very, VERY long time coming, but the site is finally open for guild cloak heraldry submissions!! You will need to register for a user account before you will see the option to submit your guild's heraldry to the database. You'll also need to provide some basic information about your guild (guild ID, name, server, and website URL).

I'm just polishing up a few bits as far as displaying the submitted entries (including search functionality), but any designs that are submitted in the meantime will be on display immediately once those sections are finished.

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and please do report any bugs or odd behavior you come across. :)

6 April 2008
The Cloak Designer has made it into EQ2i! /dance

(Thanks for the linkage, Uberfuzzy...the check's in the mail.) ;D

24 January 2008
I'm starting work on the guild cloak heraldry database submit and search functions, so please bear with me as I wrangle them into submission!

Please DO NOT attempt to submit your guild cloak heraldry as soon as you notice the ability to do so. The submission forms are not toys. Abusing them is not cool. The submission process will be in testing as I iron out all the kinks and squash any bugs that crop up. I will post a notification here when everything is up and running!

14 January 2008
The Cloak Designer will now allow you to preview your heraldry on the different cloak shapes that are available in-game (rectangular, chevron, and swallowtail). Keep in mind that the design you see in the Cloak Designer will be skewed a bit in-game when the cloak is distorted to fit on the character models.

The new tier 8 cloaks (damask and swiftcloth) are scaled-down versions of the large rectangular cloaks; they and the chevron cloaks only come to the knee on character models, while swallowtail cloaks fall mid-calf, and the large rectangular cloaks fall a little above the ankle. You can see how the different shapes look in-game by visiting the EQ2 Traders cloak gallery.

11 January 2008
I just finished redoing all of the emblem and edge graphics for the Cloak Designer, as well as three of the patterns. (Whew!!) They're new and improved, with no more dodgy edges! They will now overlay smoothly on same- or similar-colored (ok, on ANY color) backgrounds. /dance

10 January 2008
EQ2 Gallery's Cloak Designer has made it to the EQ2Players.com Treasure Chest for January 9, 2008! Woot! Thanks very much to everyone who's posted in the EQ2 Forums thread. Several guilds are already linking to the Designer from their websites...how cool is that?!

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